The creation of a blog: why I started blogging

As long as I can remember I have been writing. From a young age I wrote small stories for school (the first ever story I remember was about a fish – perfectly illustrated, of course, by myself) and some years later I kept a diary. I had a reputation for writing long essays, especially in Danish class – my favourite subject – and I wonder if my teacher ever considered making a maximum word limit instead of just a minimum word limit (the latter obviously being for the boys who did not seem to have any trouble writing 10 word stories). I clearly remember one time when we had to write minimum 6 pages and I turned in 11. Later I learned how to shorten them down but that’s a different story and certainly not relevant for this post. Somewhere, in the midst of being a teenager, I slowly drifted away from my writing roots and began exploring other interests, though I’d still write songs, which are basically musically accompanied poems.

I am a person who is always passionate about something e.g. reading, writing, playing music, drawing etc. for a certain period of time, and when that period ends I find something new to commit to which, if it’s a paid leisure activity, is not so great. My mom always said: “you have to commit!” and I get where she was coming from. Every child should learn how to hang in there and do the work, but I have to disagree with her when it comes to hobbies. I have always been committed to school work and have great discipline when it comes to homework etc, but hobbies are supposed to be fun. If they’re not fun you’re doing it wrong, and though it is severely off topic I’m going to preach some more by saying: you can love something and not be good at it. As long as it is a hobby it doesn’t matter! Anywho… returning to topic.

I’m old enough for this whole internet blogger thing to be something I encountered later in life (because 28 is ancient… I’m just going to leave it there) and, to be honest, the thought did appeal to me. To me, it basically seemed to be an online diary. Then, I discovered that some people – you know, professionals – had chosen to blog about specific topics such as fashion, books, reviews, music etc. I have always loved a good review but thought it annoying that you always see a person with thick luscious locks doing hair tutorials, or girls who do a perfectly winged eyeliner doing makeup tutorials… Basically, I did not see myself in any of these women. My hair is silk-like, thin and flat, and even at my current age of 28 I have never mastered the fluid eyeliner – and winged? Give me a break! You know how people are saying that a person who can’t dance have two left feet? When it comes to doing my hair and makeup I have two left hands. So in 2014 when I was ill, and had nothing better to do, I created a review site called Women’s Review (feel free to steal the name). A real one with my own domain name, email and everything (you’re either in or out, eh?), and it was my intention to review makeup products – but as a woman with no skills – and see if they in fact were as easy to work with as it was advertised. I had all these different kinds of products lined up, but I never launched the site. Why? Because after working intensely on it for weeks I lost interest, and it has only recently occured to me what went wrong: I had not found my true niche. With everything involving social media I have to find  what I want to use a specific social platform for in order to be interested in it. My Facebook is for family and friends, Twitter for my Wizarding World/Harry Potter community, Instagram for stalking following celebrities (and close friends), and Pinterest for my greedy lust for fashion, beauty and home decor. I have, quite involuntarily I think I have to add, ‘chosen’ to become a personal blogger* because that’s the only thing that resonates with me. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion, reviews and whatnot, but I don’t want to write about it and, frankly, a lot of people are much better suited for it than I am. I didn’t even realise that I was a personal blogger until a month of blogging adventures later – you don’t have to say it, just… okay.

Essentially this whole blogging thing started because of the Book Club. I know that I keep reverting back to it but it has spawned so many great things in my life. It was January 2018, the week we read Goblet of Fire; specifically the chapter where Barty Crouch Jr tells his story. Due to a much discussed question I became unnaturally obsessed with this peripheral character and I began writing. It was constantly on my mind and occupied my thoughts until I one day had produced a 3 page essay, well researched and everything, as if I was to hand it in as a school assignment. After I’d written A Tragic Family Tale I remember thinking: “now what?” Do I publish it, or simply store it and move on? At the end of the day it was my sweet boyfriend who ended up deciding its fate. After he read it he proclaimed that he’d never read anything quite like it but had been looking for writings just like that, and in my mind the verdict was clear: it needed to see the light of day. I thought about getting it published in The Rowling Library online magazine, but since I’m sometimes terrible at getting things done I never did contact them – Oops – which brings me back to me deciding to create a blog. I wanted my written lovechild to live and breath, to share it with you all, and on top of that my brain had begun to throw other ideas in my face; ideas that I was quite excited about exploring. So exactly 4 years after creating my first blog (I wonder if I’m always bored around November?), I created my second; this time a free one.

Even though none of this whole blogging endeavour, in some aspects, has been very well thought through (at least not to begin with; it kind of just… happened) keeping it as a free site blog has been a very conscious decision of mine. It is a hobby and it will stay that way. I love my job, and I would not trade my – to me – more meaningful job with an online career. Not in a million years. I will go as far as to saying that I am passionate about this small hobby of mine because it is just that. There is no pressure on me to do anything. I only write because I want to – and write about whatever I want. Keeping the site free means keeping me free to express myself creatively. If I one day don’t want to do it anymore I can just leave it, and I could never do that if it had been my source of income.

Circling back to the subject of being a personal blogger it recently dawned on me how easy bloggers who write about books, music, fashion and beauty, or do reviews, have it. They are limited by their choice of subject, true, but they’re also blessed with everlasting post-worthy content. It’s like they’ve discovered the river of wonders, an inexhaustible and unlimited source that keeps on giving. For you will always be able to pick up a new book to read and comment on, or find a new album from the billions of musical artists out there. The same with the sparkling world of fashion and beauty which constantly invents new trends and products for us to explore. Eldorado for bloggers. AND on top of that they have huge communities for support. Perhaps there is a community for personal bloggers somewhere but it’s so much harder to collect people who, for one, doesn’t stick to only one subject, and whose experiences are very much personal and therefore harder to place in a labelled box. If you’ve spotted a bit of envy between the lines – or perhaps not so between the lines – you’d be absolutely right, but being a personal blogger, and bringing you all personal content, is the thing I am passionate about. For better or worse.

*You’re probably screaming at the screen that I should be labelling myself as a lifestyle blogger, however, in my mind lifestyle bloggers write about fashion and beauty, home and decor or food and recipes etc. With the content I create I find that the label “personal blogger” is a better fit.


Thank you for supporting me and, for what it’s worth, I thank you for giving my humble hobby project of a blog a chance.


15 thoughts on “The creation of a blog: why I started blogging

  1. I started my Great Beer Now blog because, at the time, I was writing beer reviews and content for other sites, like and it just made sense that I should start writing and posting content for my own web page. So far, things have worked out quite well!

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  2. Congrats on starting your blog and going for it. These are wonderful reasons to start a blog! I think everyone needs something to push them into doing it, otherwise, they wouldn’t keep it up! Your writing is excellent, wonderfully set out and really easy to read.

    Very motivating to hear other’s stories! 😀

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  3. therambingracoon

    I love this! When I started I had NO idea how much work it would be to manage my blog, but everything that goes with it (email campaigns, social media, etc) some days I forget why I even started it! Thank you for sharing!


    1. It is so much more work than I thought it would be as well even being a small non-profit blog. I must admit that I find promoting to be the worst, and connecting with others and learning new tips and tricks the best.


  4. katesordinaryday

    It’s good to see that I’m not the only personal blogger, also with no hair and makeup skills. Great writing!


    1. Thank you! I can see your blog is fairly new so I followed. I haven’t really seen that many personal blogs out there but if you know of others out there, a Facebook group etc. then please send me a link.


  5. Britt K

    Congrats on taking the step and putting yourself out there, that’s really the hardest part (I know that sounds cheesy, but sometimes cheesy statements are based on truth). I can’t wait to see what good things are to come moving forward!

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