The Summer of Butterflies + A Special Announcement!

No, the title is not decieving. There are so many butterflies this year it’s crazy, but more than that my soft heart thought it sounded romantic, and here we are. I’m actually not quite sure why there are so many butterflies this year – if it’s because more butterflies crawled out of their cocoons, if there somehow are less predators (who eats butterflies again??) or if it’s something else entirely – and I mut say that I don’t really care. Every time I walk past a bush or a flowerbed so many butterflies are swirling and flying around me that it makes me smile like an idiot. But it’s more than that. It makes this summer special. More special than it already has been. “Why has it been special?” I hear you ask, which leads me to my special announcement.


He proposed to me on the 12th June, a few hours after he arrived at my flat from England. He said that he had planned to wait – at least until the next day – but then he couldn’t. It felt big! No-one has ever proposed to me before, and even though we had been talking about it for months experiencing it was something else. I didn’t cry (which is weird since I ALWAYS cry) but maybe it was because we only had a placeholder ring. You see, I’m still ill so up until now we haven’t been able to look for a ring, and since I’m the pickiest person on the planet Mr English thought it wise that I went with him to pick out a ring.

So on 1st August I was finally able to go to a jewelry store and look at an engagement ring. What a dissappointment! Apparently, a traditional engagement ring – white gold with a stone – isn’t on trend in Denmark. Who knew? Definitely not me! Instead we got presented rings that in actuality are wedding rings but that people then get as engagement rings – probably so that the guy will get a ring as well – and then get them polished for the wedding. Having to explain to the saleswoman what we wanted was a bit awkward and wasn’t made less awkward by the fact that she was an old rude lady who ended up ruining the experience for us on so many levels. One thing is for certain: I am never going back there again! But even if she hadn’t been rude as fuck the fact is that the rings were very expensive for how they looked and that I would never have found a ring I loved there. Needless to say that we both were very disappointed. We’d been waiting for this day for months.

The next day we went to a different store in another city as the city I live in is rather small and doesn’t offer more than one jewelry store. As it turned out it was the perfect choice! The salesman there was the nicest person ever and understood exactly what we wanted without making us feel like idiots. And yes, we found a ring! For the ladies: 8 carat white gold with a white diamond, round cut. To be sure the salesman wanted me to try a ring with a bigger diamond but somehow the diamond was too big for my finger; it looked unbalanced, I don’t have any other way of describing it. So even though it was in our budget I went for a smaller diamond but one that fits perfectly. I’m a simple girl (not like that, but thanks! *eye roll*) and I don’t like too much bling so it is a perfect ring for me. How many times have I written the word perfect now? Pfft, don’t care, I’m just so happy that we’re finally able to announce it to the world! Unfortunately they didn’t have the ring in my size. What separated me from my dream ring? 1 mm. in circumference… So they had to order it home and we had to wait… Again! Anyway, a week later we got notified that the ring was at the store ready to be picked up so today (Friday 9th August) we finally got the ring, and when we got home Mr English propsed for the second time.

It feels much more real now. I wasn’t sure if it would but it does, and we’re both very happy! Obviously we’ve already announced it to both our families and friends (who were beyond happy. THANK YOU for making us – or at least me – feel special and loved!) and now the whole world – and you – know as well. 

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I hope my very egocentric story of happiness didn’t bore you to much. I rarely write a positive post so enjoy it while it lasts. 


the story of our engagement

Tell me the story of your engagement as I would love to hear it!


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