2. Advent Calendar || A Very Harry Christmas Giftguide for Potterheads

Who doesn’t love presents? Whether it’s giving or recieving, it doesn’t matter. In today’s post it’s all about ideas for finding the perfect gift for your Potterhead. Full discloser: I’ve never done a giftguide before but I figured that I could get away with an inspirational giftguide since taste and financial capacity is different from family to family. That means that I won’t be including any links to actual products. It’s purely for inspiration. The good thing about this list is that it can be a source of inspiration for years to come so without further ado let’s get to it.

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Right off the bat I will remind you that buying a gift isn’t always necessary. That said, I do find that most DIYs tend to become more expensive if you don’t have any of the things needed to make a certain item. On the other hand some things can be cheaper to make if you have fabric and can sew, or if you have small bottles and/or some beads. If you’re not well-versed in the wonderful world of DIY then try to find a tutorial on making potion bottles. It’s easy, you often don’t need a lot of materials AND it looks real good on the shelf. Plus, your kid, if you have one, can play with them and “make potions” on their own. The biggest plus with DIY presents is that it becomes extremely personal and that is something a lot of people want in a gift.


Many adults also love Lego! There, I said it. It can get a bit pricey though but if money isn’t an issue then the big boxes are great presents. The good thing about Lego is that it can be built by the whole family if so desired, and that it can be built many times in different ways. It’s a very versatile toy that can also be displayed on a shelf. Personally the holy grail in Lego Harry Potter would be Hogwarts Castle. I won’t lie; that would be epic!


Depending on your price range it could be anything from notebooks or journals to bookmarks (always a great gift for booklovers) or writing/colouring equiptment. Personally I’m currenty in love with magnetic bookmarks as they are very practical, especially while travelling. For kids still in school it could be wrapping paper for schoolbooks, stickers or pencil holders plus bags and pencil cases. A lot of people also seem fond of the wax seal sets you can get both in stores and online. It certainly takes your letter or parcel to a whole other level.


A lot of new editions are getting released and if your Potterhead is a collector – or have just read their old books to shreds – then new HP editions are not the worst way to go.


There are a ton of replicas out there, and a lot of them are wands. Due to sheer size of Harry Potter characters there are an array of wands to choose from so take your pick. A wand is also a great gift because it can be both displayed and used. I like replicas a lot but it is not all of them that are suited for anything other than display purposes which is fine, but if you can get both a display piece and an object to fiddle/play with that is better value for money.


Gosh where to begin! There are so many HP clothing items that I dare say it should be possible to find something for every wallet. Being a huge socks-lover I want to advocate for the wonderful world of magical socks! You look down and see your footies surrounded by warm magic, mm. AND they’re not super pricey! But yeah, you can practically get anything in the clothing category when it comes to HP (the youngsters don’t know how good they have it these days, am I right 80s and 90s kids?) Anyway, the only thing you as a giver has to be aware of is that real Ravenclaw merch is scarce, meaning that the movies managed to fuck up the house crest so if you really want to find true Ravenclaw clothing (Eagle in blue and bronze!) you might have to find yourself an etsy shop. If you do, though, I can guarantee that there are some very dedicated fans out there who have made beautiful Ravenclaw house themed (and for the other houses as well, of course) t-shirts and other types of clothing to purchase. 


I don’t think it can come as a surprise that there are a lot of Harry Potter board games out there, also puzzles galore – all great gifts! – but recently I’ve discovered the genius that is 3D puzzles. I might be way behind here (actually I know that I probably am) but I’m especially in love with The Burrow, Diagon Alley and Hogwarts 3D puzzle. Again, like Lego, puzzles and games are practially presents for the entire family and can gather everyone around the table for some cozy family time.


Useful gifts that you can use in your day to day life are amazing! (I know that stationary and clothing are also practical gifts). For coffee, tea and hot cocoa drinkers mugs and travel mugs are a fine investment. There are also a lot of magical waterbottles to choose from. Not only is it useful but you get to have a bit of magic to look at in your kitchen, when you travel and/or in your workplace. Are your beloved Poterhead into baking could a cookie cutter set, and other baking related magical objects, be a good choice.


In my opinion, the absolute ultimate gift for a dedicated Potterhead would be to go to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London where the magic was made. Not only are all of the movies filmed here but I think you could safely say that Britain is the mothership for a Harry Potter fan since the entire universe is placed here. So much of the British culture is embedded in the books so it would truly be the most magical gift of all. 

It would also be the most expensive gift of all – hence the title – and most HP fans are not fortunate enough to be living in Britian which means that not only would it be money spent on the tour but also on flight and hotel. But if you have a ton of money and you want to see true happiness in the eye of your beloved Potterhead this is definitely the way to go. 

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Obviously there are a lot more items and ideas that I haven’t mentioned but I hope I managed to give you some inspiration for a magical gift, and remember that in the end it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is gifted with love. It’s the thought that counts. Come back next week where we cozy up with some of the best Christmas films.


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