2019: The Year in Highlights

Alright, perhaps not all highlights. Truth be told 2019 has been a year of the lowest low and the highest high. It’s been very tumultuous and actually not great for my physical and mental health. This blog post will probably be a bit long but a lot has happened – at least I think so – and therfore I’ll start by describing the main events of the year followed by the highlights of books, films, series etc. that has shaped the year of 2019.

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Joined Goodreads

In January I joined Goodreads and entered the 2019 Reading Challenge. I knew Goodreads was a thing but I suppose being surrounded by bookblogger friends on Twitter made me give it a go. I started off the reading challenge by setting a goal of 5 books but half-way through February I had to increase that to 10. Now, I’m finishing the year off on 17 books. For some people that’s not a lot but I hardly read any books from April to September so I think it’s pretty good. I really like Goodreads, though. It helps me remember books I want to read, and I like the rating system and that I get to write a small personal review if I feel like it. I especially love that you can track your progress in %. My organised heart loves shit like that.

If you have a Goodreads account you can click here to either follow or befriend me. Your choice.

Birthday & Engagement

It’s my own fault that those two got intertwined. Even though I wanted to meet my future in-laws before he proposed he couldn’t wait. I was supposed to come to England in May but yet again I had to cancel it. The 3rd time in a row I had to do that due to my chronic overuse injury. The result was that he proposed (the first time) with a replacement ring 12th June (you can read all about it here). I had my Birthday 3 weeks later to announce it to my family and friends. We phoned his family and friends after the party had ended (Joshua, if you’re reading this: I wish that I could turn back time just so that I could experience your reaction one more time. It was epic!) Due to me getting a new Physiotherapist on the last day of July it was possible for us to find a proper ring and for Mr English to propose a second time in August. I must admit: I never get tired of being proposed to.

Hardship & Recovery

Even though the severe pain I felt in the fall of 2018 hasn’t been present in 2019 I still couldn’t seem to get well and no-one had any idea as to why. My doctor was absolutely clueless, I’d had an Ultrasound, CT-scan, MRI-scan and a visit to a specialist and still nothing. For that reason the obnoxious Jobcenter lady concluded that I must be faking it due to the fact that I had had a depression 2 years prior to this incident. She didn’t care that my previous depression had nothing to do with my job and everything to do with a shitty ex-boyfriend, and she held it against me in the most vicious way possible: by calling me lazy, saying that she thought I just didn’t want to work. Getting told shit like that is great for ones mental health (especially considering how being ill without knowing why really takes a mental toll on you regardless).  The result was that she cut me off my benefits in April and I have been living off of my own savings ever since. Thank God that I had so much money saved up. Otherwise I’d been utterly fucked! I think it’s safe to say that I’ve found a pretty severe hole in the Danish Healthcare System.

My mom urged me to find a new Physiotherapist and so, like I said above, I’ve been going there since July 31st. And HE. IS. BRILLIANT! He actually knows what he’s talking about and he has 20+ years of experince with overuse injuries, chronic and otherwise (chronic means that it has been an issue for more than 6 months). Now, 5 months later I actually feel pretty normal again, like myself. I cannot tell you how amazing this is! Being fully mobile is the best feeling ever! I’m never taking it for granted again! I have some weight to lose but as long as I keep myself active and eat healthy losing the weight I’ve gained due to me being immobilized for 12 months shouldn’t be a problem. 

Ending on a high

24th November I booked a flight for England (4th time’s the charm, right?) and I cannot wait to finally meet my future in-laws and Mr English’s friends. Both them and I have waited so long for this so it almost feels surreal that it’s finally happening.

My annoying and obnoxious upstairs neighbours finally moved! They have been a pain in my arse for more than 3 years and watching them fill up a moving van multiple times and disappearing from my life has probably been one of the greatest things ever.  And it happened right before 1st December as well. Talk about an early Christmas present! (I may or may not have danced around a bit in sheer joy). 

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A Court of Wings and Ruin


I’m still not sure why I got sucked so heavily into this book. The writer (and the writing) isn’t great but somehow I enjoyed it immensely anyway. My general rule is that if a book makes me cry it deserves a spot in the highlights. Click here to read my Goodreads review.

The Hate U Give


I didn’t really have any expectations before reading The Hate U Give but I was pleasantly surprised. This is not a loud book. It doesn’t take you on a rollercoaster ride from where you can’t escape, or put the book down, due to excitement. Instead, you feel as if you, for a moment in time, have become a fly on the wall in these people’s lives. This book forces you to visit your inner moral and ethical compass and to think about what you, as a human being, believe is right and fair. I am not a US citizen and can therefore not decifer exactly how accurate the depiction is, and I don’t always agree with our leading lady of the show, Starr. I don’t think everyone necessarily have to agree with the viewpoints of this book, but I do think everyone should consider it. This book is not an epic tale, but it is strong, raw and real. An absolutely fascinating must-read.

The Martian


If you like science, a good adventure, and you love to laugh then The Martian is the book for you! The language is easily readable and interesting in the way that it changes depending on who the story follows. Even though I watched the film prior to reading the book I was pleasantly surprised (it might be the best book to screen adaptation I’ve ever seen) and the reading experience was definitely no less enjoyable. The verdict was clear: I had to own this book! And so I got it for my birthday. Great investment!

Honourable mentions: The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower #1), The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower #2), Under Bjælken, A Court of Mist and Fury and Kirurgiens Kunst (The Butchering Art).

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There’s been so many good series, movies and documentaries this year that it makes it really hard to choose. I was really looking forward to Outlander season 5 but it got pushed to February 2020. At least it’s something to look forward to. Also for some reason I never got around to watch Big Little Lies season 2 and Legion season 3. Don’t know why but hopefully I’ll catch up in the new year.

Sex Education


Wow! Just wow! I feel as if I found gold. If you haven’t watched it, what are you doing? Season 1 aired on Netflix in January 2019 and season two are ready for you in the beginning of 2020. I cannot wait to see what they’re up to next. Season 1 ended on such a both satisfying and frustrating note that I just want more more more!

Making a Murderer


I had never seen the initial case (season 1) before Mr English suggested that we watch it. I think I can safely say that I’ve never been so shocked, horrified and offended on another human’s behalf before. It makes it absolutely clear why some Americans find it hard to trust the system and how so many people can get wrongfully convicted. But most of all I am deeply saddened by the victim and her family who will probably never get closure because the real killer is still out there. How the judicial system lacks function in this case makes me sick! It is definitely worth a watch even though the injustice will most likely make you vomit a bit in your mouth.

Free Solo


No, it has nothing to do with Star Wars! But it is one of the best documentaries I’ve watched in 2019 and it won a well-deserved Oscar for best documentary. I’ve tried to make Mr English watch it but he is “not into rock climbing.” I’m not either (so bad excuse!) but this dude climbs on his own without robes or other kinds of safety! It’s basically insanity and it’s thrilling as hell!

The Umbrella Academy


I must admit that Mr English got me into this one. Neither the cover nor the trailer (or him explaining the plot for that matter) made me think that this was actually going to be worth my time but to my utter surprise it was! Telling people that these people have a robot mother and a chimpanse butler isn’t exactly how you’d describe a good show but somehow they make it work. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next season. #TeamKlaus

Game of Thrones


You are all going to hate me but I didn’t mind the last season so much. Then again I care less than other people – or so it seems. I probably care at least about 20-30% less about the plot than other people who watch GoT and I’ve never read the books. I was kind of just along for the ride. And even though the power of the Night King clearly was severely overrated I quite enjoyed the cinematography which was absolutely stunning.

After Life


I like Ricky Gervais even though he can be a bit annoying sometimes. He absolutely nailed it with this series. It’s about what happens when someone you love dies and you have to keep on living without them. It’s not loud but real and raw (and funny at times). Each episode is about 30 min. so it doesn’t take long to watch but it’s definitely worth it. Season 2 should be coming in 2020.

Big Mouth


The first thing Mr English told me about it was that it was hilarious and that it should be shown in Sex Ed class. Based on that information alone I was hooked! It is really good, and he is right; certain episodes would definitely be helpful in an educational setting. Season 2 did stray a bit in quality, I think, but in season 3 already it was back to being more educational (and therefore more funny). I feel like they succeeded in depicting all types of teens and what they go through. I certainly identify with some of the issues I remember from when I was a teenager.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


Oh my God, yes! Yes, yes, yes! I was hesistant to watch it for months but I had absolutely no reason to be. I grew up loving a specific Spider-Man cartoon(style) from the 90s and I’ve never since been able to find a cartoon-version I liked. This film fucking nailed it! Plot, pace, humour, everything, and don’t even get me started on the graphics. It is sharp as hell and so so so intelligently made, I can’t even… WATCH IT! If you were ever a fan of Spider-Man you HAVE TO watch it!

The Witcher


Did I intend on ever watching it? No. Did I get curious anyway? Yes. Did I binge watch the whole thing on 25th December? Absolutely! I never read the books, never played the game but I LOVE the series! Everything from the characters, story and plot is incredible! Season 2 come hither!

Honourable mentions: Our Planet (Netflix), Good Omens, Miracle Workers, The Favourite, Behind the Curve, Fahrenheit 11/9, Asian Provocateur (Netflix), Cuckoo (Netflix), Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes (Netflix).

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Miike Snow – Silvia

Not a new song but thanks to my friend Jess I’ve been obsessed with it throughout the whole year. I shouldn’t really be surprised of how brilliant it is; Miike Snow is Swedish. It’s like they made a deal with the devil or something. Fuck you Sweden with your insane political correctness and amazing music!

Ellie Goulding – Flux

I have no idea what other people think of this song but I like it. It’s raw and you can definitely tell that she wrote it herself. It’s full of pain and it is beautiful.

Halsey – Without Me (Billboard Music Awards Live Performance)

I WISH that I was able to find that performance on YouTube but it’s not there. Only people reacting to it. Why it’s not up is very surprising due to how good it was, both her vocals but also the message. It was the first time I heard the song and I immediately rushed to Spotify and added it to my playlist. So good. I had tears in my eyes it was so good!

Billie Eilish

Admittedly I thought she was a rapper based on her clothing style. I know, I know! Apparently I’m not as down with the kids as I would like to believe. I saw her on Hot Ones (First We Feast, Youtube) and got curious. It took about 5 sec for me to find out that I absolutely LOVE Bad Guy and another 10 min to find out that I LOVE Billie Eilish. Who knew, right? The truth is that I love the entire album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Despite her age it is rock solid and the fact that she and her brother Finneas both write and produce her music as well is incredible. If you haven’t checked out her album yet… Go!

A Star is Born Soundtrack

Dislike the film, LOVE the soundtrack! I don’t know why people were surprised that Lady Gaga has written most of the soundtrack. She is a songwriter, that’s what she do, and that was her livelihood before being a front figure artist herself. Anyway, comment  down below if you also don’t care that much for the film itself but instantly fell in love with the amazing soundtrack.

Honourable mentions: First Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), zalagasper – Sebi (Eurovision 2019).

ALSO, in addition to all of these lovely music highlights I’ve decided to include my Spotify 2019 Wrapped playlist. There’s a lot of Billie Eilish on there so if you like her this should definitely be for you. Enjoy!

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Wizards Unite


Even though I was pretty immobile in June when the game came out I was still able to play it – to an extend. It made my short walks and bike rides more fun even though it didn’t last long. Somehow I managed to reach level 18 and when I was finally well enough to actually wander to the nearest fortress (which was the only thing I had yet to experience) the little that was left of my interest disappered. That was probably late September or start October (I think) but it was fun for those 4 months. I actually still have it on my phone. I am so bad at deleting game apps I don’t use anymore. What if I one day want to play? Then all of my hard work have been wasted. I know, I know! Perhaps that should be the first thing I do in 2020: delete Wizards Unite.

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Don’t get me wrong, I will for ever cherish being proposed to twice and getting tied further to the man I love so dearly and want to marry in the future, but other than that 2019 has been a pretty crap year. 2020 will (hopefully) bring my full recovery (fuck you overuse injury!), travels to England so that I can finally meet my future in-laws and all of Mr English’s crazy but sweet friends, and then I have to find myself a new job. Oh, and I turn 30 in May! 2020 is most likely not going to be easy but hopefully the hard work that Mr English and I are going to put into our future together will pay off nicely. If everything works out just how we want it to perhaps he and I could be living together by the end of the year, who knows. For now, I’m looking forward to the January sales because I have a new suitscase to buy!

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The year of 2019 also became the year where my blog turned 1, and I got nominated for no less than 3 blogging awards in the spand of 2 months! It’s truly been a contradictory year and even though I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions I think the time might have come: I sincerely hope that 2020 is going to consist of more ups than down. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for. I hope to see you all in 2020 for new and exciting adventures. Now, onward! 2020 awaits.


Happy New Year gold

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2019: The Year in Highlights
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