Harry Potter Anniversary Week – Day 3


Yesterday you got to see how I would rank the books and films (I will never get past how hard that was!) Today, I’m going to present to you my 7 favourite characters which, I got to say, hasn’t been easy either! There are so many great characters to choose from that it’s practically impossible – and yet I’ve made an effort and tried anyway so here are my 7 favourite characters of all time:

Albus Dumbledore

Ah, Dumbledore! I think I love him because he is wise and flawed. He also has some of the greatest quotes in history and is a powerful but generally humble character. He likes the simple and quirky, and though troubled seems to have accepted who he is. He’s not a super human and knows his strengths and weaknesses. I’ve always seen him as being the embodiment of Hogwarts. He represents all 4 houses by being brave, intelligent and wise, cunning and ambitious plus very kind and warm. At times he may seem cold-hearted, but he knows that on the path of making the world a better and safer place for future generations one must make sacrifices. Sadly, there’s no way around that and every leader of a war has to face that fact. With great power comes great responsibility and as Dumbledore himself say: being (…) rather cleverer than most men, my mistakes tend to be correspondingly huger.”Dumbledore Patronus

Severus Snape

I’m not even sure where to begin. No one can deny that he’s a hero but he is definitely not a good guy. He is such a complex character that even the reason why he turned to the good side fills me with opposing emotions. The fact that it took Voldemort threatening to kill Lily both shows that he will do anything for the ones that he loves which is admirable, but at the same time it shows that he gives zero fucks about everyone else, or the Wizarding Community. At least discussing him will always be interesting and challenges your morals, ethics, and core values. Plus, of course, your ability to acknowledge that the world is never black and white. Snape Patronus

Luna Lovegood

Gentle and kind, Luna might be special and like no other but she is also just that. With her sometimes alternative way of thinking she is one of the most interesting and insightful characters in the series. She may seem simple but I think her nature is what enables her to see right through people, good and bad. She never judges and accepts that it’s not everything in this world that we can understand, and that we don’t have to have all of the answers.Luna Patronus

Neville Longbottom

If there is one thing worse than being orphaned as an infant it is to have parents who are alive but unable to recognise who you are. I have to be honest and say that I think Neville has it worse than Harry, and that says a lot because Harry’s case is pretty bad. In many ways he could as easily have been the chosen one, and he would have carried that burden just as well as Harry did. I wonder how his early school years would have been had he not had a grandmother (and family) who was too harsh on him and put him down, and had he had the luxury of owning his own wand instead of using his father’s. Neville is brilliant as long as he believes in himself, and as brave as can be.Neville

Remus Lupin

I couldn’t make this list without including the best temporary teacher of all time. He seems alright, calm, kind and intelligent but underneath lies an ocean of sadness and self-loathing which only makes us love him more. Even though he’s got a lot of issues himself he puts everything into teaching and guiding his students, believing in every single one of them and understanding their individual needs. We all need teachers like this! Lupin Patronus

Arthur Weasley

I feel Authur Weasley is so underrated. Being one of the greatest dad’s ever he is also a hardworking person who will sacrifice everything for his family. Besides being an amazing father figure he also has his quirks; specifically his passion for everything Muggle. I wish Molly would be more supportive so that he didn’t have to hide things in his shed and wasn’t sometimes ridiculed because at the end of the day it’s a person’s imperfections that make us love them. Arthur Weasley Patronus

Harry Potter

He might look like James on the outside, but he inherited his soul from Lily. He might be annoying at times but honestly, we all are! Though he sometimes has a tendency to rush into things without thinking (a true Gryffindor) he can also be thoughtful, and no one can deny his kindness and openess towards others, no matter the species. He has a sense of justice and is prepared to do what’s right, even if it means putting himself at risk. He cares a great deal about his friends and accepts the burden bestowed upon him by Voldemort. He could have run away but chose to stay and sacrifice himself to save everyone else. All that deserve to be recognised, appreciated and respected. Harry Patronus

There you go, 7 up, 7 down. Stay tuned for tomorrows post and get your Time-Turners ready. Cheers!


Which characters are your favourites and why?
Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments down below.



10 thoughts on “Harry Potter Anniversary Week – Day 3

  1. Absolutely!!! Aurther is definitely underrated. And I totally agree about Snape….even though he’s on good side… I think his all love just concentrated over Lilly. It would have been much easier if he stayed on good side.


    1. Snape is one of the most complex characters and one that people never seem to agree on. I love characters like that.
      A lot of people like Sirius. I must admit that I’m not a huge fan but he does have his moments.


    1. Good to hear 🙂 Neville is such a sweet boy and it’s a shame that he wasn’t treated better during his childhood. He definitely blossomed after Lupin coaxed it out of him in Prisoner of Azkaban and started his comfidence story arc.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, you’re welcome. I would believe that actually 😉 I know it’s pretty popular but I also know that it’s not for everyone, or that some perhaps haven’t gotten into it yet. Thanks for reading and commenting on my post regardless.


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