At Home Workout || Full Body – No Equipment

What to do in these wretched times where boredom sets in more often than ever? Well, while many of us practise either social distancing or, for the sick and/or affected, quarantine. It stands to reason that people who are social distancing might go for walks once in a while but the ones who are quarantined aren’t permitted to go outside their homes and since we know exercise is really important for your physical and mental health I thought I’d put together a little at home workout with no need of equipment. I might suggest equipment in case you have it but if not it does not matter; these can easily be done without. The workout is intended for circuit training (3 sets) and should take about 30 min.

Now let’s get started!



Main target: gluteus medius (aka the side glute)

Reps: 15-30

Lie on your side as shown. You can have your head down on your arm as in the picture or you can rest your head in your palm, elbow on the floor. As you can see all you have to do is to open and close your legs like a clamshell (hence the name). It is an easy exercise and I recommend that you do as many as you can.



Main target: biceps, triceps and pectoral muscles

Reps: 10-15

With the good old push-up the mistake is often that people forget to stiften the body. Imagine you are a plank of wood and your job is to keep it as straight as possible while doing the push-up. If doing it on the floor is too hard, or you have trouble with your wrists, then start doing them in a standing position with your palms on the wall. I personally do them with my hands on the windowsill. A kitchen counter is good as well or anything else that can hold a bit of body weight. Get creative!



Main target: quadriceps and gluteus maximus (aka butt)

Reps: 10-15

The lunge can be done in many way but if you’re not used to them I recommend starting with a forward lunge: take a big step forward and lower your body straight down as shown above. Your knee should not extend over your toe but should be aligned from your point of view. The biggest mistake I see with lunges is that people think the legs should be aligned. But you literally take a step forward keeping your legs apart as if you are walking.

If you have dumbbells, a medicine ball or a kettlebell you can include these in the exercise to make it harder.


Back extension

Main target: erector spinae (spine muscle)

Reps: 10-20

You can do them as shown above or you can lift your legs alongside your upper body for a workout of the entire muscle (which spands from neck to lower back).


The Boat

Main target: upper and lower abs

Reps: 10-15

It is actually a Pilates pose so it might be familiar to some of you although this one isn’t going to be static. You sit on the floor and lift your legs so that you balance on your butt (sacrum). Then you slowly and simultaneously lower both your legs and your torso and come back up. The stronger you get the lower you can go. When you go lower you want to stretch your legs so that they don’t touch the floor.

If this becomes too easy for you you can always take a dumbbell, medicine ball etc. to hold in your hands.



Main target: quadriceps and gluteus maximus (aka butt)

Reps: 10-15

Stand so that your legs are aligned with the width of your hips. Focus on keeping your back straight as you come down. You want to push back your butt as if you were to sit on a chair. Remember that your knees should not extend beyond your toes.

If it’s too difficult do the exercise with a chair behind you. You want to come back up right before you touch the chair. If it’s too easy then lower yourelf further. If you have a balancing board or a wobble board you can stand on this while doing squats. 



Main target: all muscles

Time: as long as you can

The plank is a full body exercise which means that all the body’s muscles are engaged. You can do it as shown above or you can rest on your elbows. Remember to keep your back straight. 

If you want to challenge yourself lift one leg at a time slightly off the ground. Remember to keep your hip straight.

Tip: increase the exercise with 5-10 seconds once in a while (e.g. every 2 weeks).

Now that you are done you should have done each exercise 3 times. Do the program 2-4 times a week and remember to increase the difficulty every 1-2 months (with some exercises you may be able to do it after 2-3 weeks). There’s not much more for me to say than happy training! Stay safe.


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24 thoughts on “At Home Workout || Full Body – No Equipment

  1. These are all exercises I need to be working on! I’m struggling to be motivated without the gym. Thanks for the reminder that we don’t have to do some crazy workout to stay fit!


  2. Coming in a time if need, thank you!

    There are plenty of opportunities given the current situation. From financial to self-growth.
    Some will capitalize, others won’t.
    I’ve shared my own thoughts on this recently.

    I’m glad others are also sharing how to make the most of these times.

    Well written post. Thanks for sharing! (:


  3. sensationalpelvisgmailcom

    I’m also a PT who hates the gym and workout equipment! This is a nice balanced workout program for home that you created. Also your blog is so fun!


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