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1st of September, autumn is upon us, and WE’RE GOING BACK TO HOGWARTS! Finally! Even though I love summer holidays coming back to our favourite school is simply magical. This year is my 20th time and I am not bored yet (just a tad old, haha!)

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Last year I was excited to revisit My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast, my first blogaversary and season 5 of Outlander (which had been delayed and aired in Feburary 2020). Out of those three the latter two ended up bringing be the greatest joy, especially Outlander. Season 5 was amazing! Around my blogaversary I suddenly got nominated for no less than three (!) blogging awards – not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but it made me really happy (if you scroll down you will find the badges. Click on them to read). This year:

1. My fiancé is here!

Yes, you heard correctly! In the midst of this apocalyptic-feeling year that is 2020 we actually managed to cram in something amazing. He arrived 14th August and is staying for 11 weeks in total which means that he is here for two out of three fall months. I cannot describe how extatic I am! Up until this point we hadn’t seen each other for 5½ months! Long distance relationships are not for the fainthearted.

2. Making cute autumn things for my shop

This may sound like a small thing but creating digital products is relaxing and fun, and no-one can deny that autumn probably is the season with the prettiest colour scheme. Already I’m thinking Instagram wallpaper, cute story stickers… Perhaps some new highlight icons as well. We’ll see what happens, you can find my shop here.

3. The Morning Show season 2

I binge-watched the first season within 24 hours and absolutely loved it! Season 2 was teased to be released in November but due to the current situation I have my doubts. Hopefully they will have found a way to make it because it would make my autumn sooo much better.776373


Last year I wanted to read more, which I did, and one of the books I wanted to read was Wild by Cheryl Strayed, which I didn’t. It’s still on my list but why I haven’t read it yet puzzles me. Perhaps when I revisit this post next year I will finally have read that damn book! I also wanted to not fall into despair which is common for me during autumn season, but I didn’t and I don’t think I will this year either; mostly due to the fact that I have my fiancé here with me. Lastly I promised myself to work hard and get rid of my injury. I did exactly that, only my injury came back (sort of) so therefore I’m back with my physiotherapist. At least I know he is brilliant, and this time I’m adamant to get rid of my stupid chronic overuse injury once and for all. Chronic overuse groin injuries are a bitch!

1. Enjoy life

So far 2020 has been a bitch and I feel that we all could use a bit of self-care. I know I could. Because Mr English is here we’ve decided to enjoy the fall season, wear cuddly clothes, probably make Apple Crumble which I haven’t had since Mr English was here last year. Simply enjoy the season in each other’s company – it’s our first real autumn together – and add as much hygge and self-care as we can.

2. Get a job

Due to the virus I’ve been unemployed for a while now, jobs have been scarce and for my profession the summer season is notorious for not hiring due to the holidays. However I dearly want a job, it’s a huge stress factor in my life, so I really hope I can land one this fall. I will certainly do everything in my power to make it so.

3. Get back into my daily walks routine

For some reason I stopped doing daily walks during winter and I never started again which I’m kind of sad about so I’ve decided to get back into it (and drag Mr English along with me). We all know that fresh air and exercise is good for you, both mentally and physically, and it’s a nice way to do active recovery in between workouts. Restitution is important! 776373


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I found this tag and thought it was absolutely perfect for this occasion. Feel free to drop your answers to these 8 questions down below.

1. Have to go shopping in Diagon Alley! What store do you go to first?

If it was:

My 1st year: WAND! That would be all there was in my head. Getting your wand is just special.

My 2nd-7th year: Probably to look for some fun, perhaps check out the newest broom or other cool Quidditch gear now that I’m allowed for tryouts (gotta land that Beater position. GO RAVENCLAW!)

Me being practical: After visiting Gringotts (because money) I would start off by getting the lightest things first, which would mean that I would shop for new textbooks last. You don’t really want to be carrying heavy things from the get go.

2. You’re on the train! What are you getting from the trolley?
  1. Pumpkin pasties
  2. chocolate frogs
  3. liquorice wands

A bit of food followed by dessert. Can it get any better? I feel like I expose my Danishness by choosing liquorice but it’s just so yummy! And I’m a big fan of chocolate (and since it’s British you can count on the quality, even in the magical world). Also, I found this post and it made me so hungry for sweets it’s ridiculous!

3. It’s time for the welcome feast! Which house table are you at?

Only the greatest house EVER!

wolfstar trash™

I am genuinely annoyed that the official Ravenclaw merch is the worst house merch ever. At least it means that if you want real pretty merch in blue and bronze with the iconic eagle then you have to buy from smaller shops. In the past year I’ve really grown to love the smaller shop owners; they’re so visibly passionate and they often make amazing things!

4. You get an elective this year! What will it be?

Honestly I would probably go for Muggle Studies. I agree with Hermione when she says that it would be fascinating to explore the Muggle world through magical lenses. Also, I’m Half-Blood so it would be a good way to score good points and raise my overall grade point average.

5. You’ve got a break between classes! What will you be doing?

It depends on how long the break is. If it’s 45-60 min. then perhaps grab my broom and practice Quidditch; if I have a ton of homework probably start that so that I will have more time to relax later.

6. You get to go to Hogsmeade this year! Where do you go first?

Yay! I’m with Ron on this one so I would head straight to Honeydukes! I’m a sucker for anything caramel. After that I’d probably hang out with my friends at The Three Broomsticks, get some Butterbeer.

7. You’re meeting up with friends to hang out! Where in the castle are you all going to chill?

Probably the Common Room, but honestly? I’m not a person who has a million friends, I like having 1-3 amazingly close friends and if I were to hang out with them I would prefer somewhere private. I always imagined hanging out in the empty Great Hall; just lay flat on the benches and look at the sky while talking. 

8. The end of year exams are coming up. What test will you do the best at?

Probably Muggle Studies but I think I’d be great at Charms as well simply because I’m so interested in the subject. Obivously I hope to do well overall, but yeah.



To celebrate this year’s Back to Hogwarts I made these free house phone wallpapers for you to grab. I used metallic gold, bronze and silver to make it stand out. I hope you like them.

Ravenclaw          1

2          3

I dearly wish that we could give 2020 the middle finger and escape to Hogwarts; at least we can in our minds. I wonder what the magical world would respond to all of this crap going on right now. Anyway, I hope you have a lovely day and remember to enjoy autumn in all its beauty. Stay safe.


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What do you look forward to this Fall?
What will your answers be to the 8 magical questions above?




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  1. Can’t answer them all but I’m afraid I’d probably be hanging around the kitchen on my break. My boy’s a Ravenclaw too and gets annoyed with the comparable lack of choice too. I’m an unimaginative Gryffindor! Have a lovely fall!

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