50 Things to do When Bored at Home

These days are stressful but also dreadfully boring so I gathered some inspiration for things to do when the only other option is to literally sit and stare at the wall. Hopefully this list will help you feel less bored. Let’s go!

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1. Take a walk: be aware of current restrictions for your country and if you do go out remember to practise social distancing!

2. Exercise: yoga/pilates, strenghtening exercises, indoor cardio (click here and here for easy at home workout inspo)

3. Learn a new cool trick e.g. a handstand


4. DIY project

5. Bake or cook

6. Find or create a new recipe

7. Experiment with new makeup looks

8. Paint your nails: or do nailart

9. Instagram storie: learn creative ways to edit your stories to make them prettier and more fun

10. Create a TikTok account and jump on the challenge train (and if you do be sure to follow me @nilymagic)


11. Learn a new language or brush up on a language you’re still not fluent in

12. Learn to play an instrument: or brush up on your existing skills

13. Take an online course


14. Watch a film or series: use Netflix’s new party feature for more fun

15. Watch Youtube: game play, makeup and/or hair tutorials

16. Listen to music: find new artists

17. Re-organise your Spotify playlist: or create new ones

18. Spa day at home: facemask, bathbomb, relaxing bath etc.

19. Play video games: alone, online with friends, 

20. Play board games: with your family

21. Play board games with your friends: use Facetime or WhatsApp

22. Do a puzzle

23. Draw, colour or paint

24. Call a friend or family member

25. Do crosswords or sudoku 

26. Read a book

27. Discover new books through (free) online libraries

28. Listen to an audiobook

29. Listen to a podcast: discover new podcasts

30. Take a quiz: or make your own (click here for a magical quiz)

31. Travel: via Google Maps or Google Earth

32. Download the Sky Map app: find planets, constellations and more in the night sky 

33. Dance: like no-one’s watching or learn some new dance moves

34. Delve into photography: take pictures of yourself, others or your surroundings

35. Go on a home date: take time cooking a meal, light some candles to create a cozy atmosphere, cuddle up with blankets, hot cocoa and enjoy your partner. If you have kids you can do an at home cinema night with popcorn.


36. Clean out your makeup drawer: toss expired products, clean your brushes and re-organise.

37. Clean the house

38. Do laundry

39. Re-organise your closet

40. Grow an indoor garden: tend to flowers and plants

41. Start a blog

42. Write in a/your journal

43. Write a book: short story or fan fiction

44. Catch up on news: be aware of your mental health as it can take a toll on some people (and no it is not weakness!)

45. Organize your phone gallery: delete photos you don’t want to keep, do back-ups of photos you do


46. Create a treasure hunt: around the house or in the garden

47. Whip out pearl pegboards

48. Make a cozy cave: using chairs and blankets

49. Make a tea-party: or a pirate sword fight with stuffed animals

50. Make homework fun: by counting with fruit (or other), make a math-game or a spelling bee contest.

Pastel coral

That’s it *insert cool outtro* That’s my way of saying that, as usual, I don’t know how to end blog posts in a smooth fashion. I have nothing left to say except that I hope you’re all as okay as any of us can be at the moment. Stay safe out there.


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How are you? Did the list help you with the boredom?
Stay safe!




21 thoughts on “50 Things to do When Bored at Home

  1. These are good ideas! I’ve been nesting hardcore, as baby is coming in the next month! I also need to get some freezer meals made so we have something to eat when this Mama is exhausted with a newborn!


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