Harry Potter Anniversary Week – Day 6


This means that it’s a random post and I’ve chosen to write about *drum roll…..*Ron Weasley.

I’m just going to come right out and say it. *Clears throat* I never really liked Ron. ron weasley GIFI KNOW, I know I’m supposed to but for some reason I never did, and now I want to try – once and for all – to get to the bottom of why that might be.


With a bit of help from my magical online family I’ve collected some of the most brilliant Ron Weasley moments in the hopes that I will come to love him as I love Harry and Hermione. I mean, there’s a reason why he’s their best friend, right?

Before we begin exploring all of Ron’s best moments of the series I want to explain to you what these moments are up against because there are certain dark moments that really is the core of why I never have been particularly fond of our Golden Trio redhead.

Ron complaining about his family when Harry has got abusive living relatives and dead parents

Yes, you might be overlooked sometimes, and yes you might be poor, but you know what? Meeting Harry, knowing his story, it should, at least once, have occured to Ron what Harry must be feeling when he hears Ron constantly complain about his family when he’s only known dead parents and abusive “care”takers. I’m not saying that Ron’s not allowed to complain a bit once in a while, and feel bad for himself that he’s poor and whatnot, but sometimes he ought to pause and realise that he’s got a family that loves him, a nice home and two very alive (and amazing!) parents.

Ron did not believe Harry at all when he insisted that he didn’t put his name in the Goblet of Fire

I’m sorry, but no matter how much you hate being in the shadow how can you not believe your best friend when he tells you that he’s innocent over and over again? Not to mention how long it actually goes on for! Honestly, if Ron had been my friend I would have taken it as a sign that he didn’t trust me.

Run ruins Hermione’s night at the Yule Ball (among other things)

Teenagers can be brats and Ron is no exception. It doesn’t excuse that he practically ruins what should have been one of the most amazing nights at Hogwarts for Hermione. I agree with Hermione that in that moment he is being stupid and cowardly. He takes her for granted, doesn’t have the guts to ask her himself but does not hesitate to act like she wouldn’t be anyone’s cup of tea (which is so offensive I don’t even have words for it) and then acts like a jealous brat when someone actually shows her genuine interest.

I get that Harry also isn’t that supportive when it comes to S.P.E.W. but I feel like he doesn’t rub it in her face like Ron tends to do. Plus, I think Ron has a complex about her her being more booksmart which is probably why he resorts to calling her a know-it-all a lot which must be so annoying for Hermione. Ron, get over it!

When he walks out and abandons Harry and Hermione in the most crucial time of need

To me that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and clearly I’m not the only one. In chapter 15 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Harry even says that something broke between them. Every time I bring it up people will tell me that the evil horcrux of a locket affected Ron more than the two others, as if to excuse his behaviour, but I must say that if your ugly sides are noticably worse than your mate’s ugly sides you might want to take a good long look in the mirror. I get that they’re in a shit situation and that he is worried about his family (which I’m guessing is also tearing Harry apart because he loves the Weasley family as his own) but it does not mean that it is okay to be mean and vicious. Sure you can complain but there’s a fine line and he stomped so far passed it as if tomorrow didn’t exist. In my personal opinion betrayals like that never truly heal and will forever be a dark spot on the sun of friendship. It is unforgivable. 

Okay, PHEW! I think that was all of my negative ranting, although not unfounded. Let’s move on to the fun stuff.

He adds comic relief

He is definitely the brother of Fred and  George. Granted, they are on a totally different level, but Ron is pretty funny and you can’t help but laugh.

Advising Harry not to go back to the Mirror of Erised

Perhaps Ron’s wisest moment and one that I appreciate immensely. Ron clearly has a feeling of the dangers of this mirror and feel obliged to protect his friend. 

Fights a troll and plays a mean game of chess

Can we all just appreciate that Ron, age 11, actually manage to defeat a fucking troll with a spell he, up until that point, hadn’t been able to do! And that he not only shows great strategic abilities in the meanest game of chess ever played at Hogwarts but also manage to help Harry get to Voldemort and thereby contributing to saving the day.

Defending Hermione

He tried to curse Malfoy when he calls Hermione a Mudblood and he stands up for her in Snape’s class and says something along the lines of “why ask if you don’t want an answer?”

Defending Harry

While Sirius is still seen as the bad guy Ron literally stand on his broken leg in order to protect Harry from this mad man. He clearly learned his lesson from Goblet of Fire and stands up for Harry when everyone else is calling him a liar in Order of the Phoenix, and most importantly he saves Harry’s life in Deathly Hallows, get a hold of the Sword of Gryffindor and destroys the creepy-eyed locket.


He successfully imitates Parseltongue to get into the Chamber of Secrets during the Battle of Hogwarts, and in that same battle he wants to save the house eleves much to Hermione’s delight. He is being sassy in Snape’s class – which should not be taken lightly! – and it leads to my number 1 favourite Ron quote: “excuse me, are you the imprint of a deprated soul?” Amazing.

Ron being a true Gryffindor

As a person with a raging phobia I acknowledge just how much bravery it takes for Ron, an aracnofob, to willingly follow his best friend into a spider’s lair. It’s not about conquering your fears but to do it despite of them because you know there’s something more important at stake, and for that I applaud him.

harry potter applause GIF


When there are so many great things about Ron why don’t I like him? It is definitely not because I want to dislike him or won’t change my views out of stubborness. Ultimately, I think Mr English captured it beautifully when he said: “it is probably because you value loyalty above all else.” I will go a long way for people I love but if they cross the line so heavily as Ron did in Deathly Hallows (and perhaps in Goblet of Fire) there is no way back and I will never forgive them. It makes sense when you take into account that my brain is a Ravenclaw but my heart is a Hufflepuff. Although he will never be a favourite character of mine I do think be contributes to a perfect balance between Harry and Hermione and I suppose that’s really why they are all friends. They all bring something to the table, certain qualities, that the others can then benefit from.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t end it all on a more positive note but to make up for it let’s wrap up this whole thing by enjoying some of our favourite quotes from one of our Weasley redheads.


The magical week is nearly at an end and for tomorrows final post I will be serving humble pie with sprinkles of gratitude. I hope to see you there. Cheers!


Do you love Ron unconditionally, or do you struggle just as I do? What is Ron’s greatest moment? And what is your favourite Ron Weasley quote?

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments section.



6 thoughts on “Harry Potter Anniversary Week – Day 6

  1. My Anxious Life

    I always felt Ron was a bit grumpy and spoiled, but I guess those are typical character traits of teenagers..! I never found his relationship with Hermione believable either really. Great series of posts! myanxiouslife.co.uk


  2. I personally like Ron as a character and found that he added some much needed comic relief at times. His character on screen was far less childish and spoiled than in the book, but as mentioned by My Anxious Life this could just be the traits of a typical teenager.


    1. Not sure I agree with the books vs movies. He is definitely more intelligent in the books, and they did dumb him down in the movies which is a shame. I agree that he adds more than comic relief (that’s why we have Fred and George 😉 ).


  3. Britt K

    Yes! Thank you! I have never understood why so much of the Harry Potter fandom idolizes his friendship as part of the trio while overlooking the fact his loyalty was questionable at best on many different occasions… He came across as childish to me compared to the others (I know they were kids, but comparatively)

    Liked by 1 person

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