Friday feels

Fridays are where most people get all party party with a lot of up-beat songs and while that’s great sometimes you are just in the mood for something more thoughtful. That’s the mood I’m in today and why today’s friday feels are a bit different – perhaps – from many of you out there’s own playlist. Below, I’ve listed the 5 songs that I’ve heard on repeat the entire day.


In good time, you’ll come to know
When you release, when you let go
You can find yourself where you belong
You’re not a curse, you’re not too much
You are needed here, you are enough
And nothing’s gonna hold you down for long

Dans le noir Eric Christian

Breathe Fleurie

I feel the pages turning
I see the candle burning down
Before my eyes
Before my wild eyes
I feel you holding me
Tighter, I cannot see
When will we finally

Don’t Forget About Me CLOVES

If I fall, can you pull me up?
Is it true, your watching out
And when I’m tired, do you lay down with me?
In my head so I can sleep without you?

My Own Whitaker

Oh those lips
The heavy way we used to kiss
We’d set the world alight
Live years within a night
And memories never lie
Tell me that I’m right, tell me that I’m right

Do I wish that I could be up-beat and happy all of the time? Not really. I like my occasional melancholy mood. It makes me think over life’s big questions and puts me in a creative space. You cannot be happy all the time, nor should you strive to be. We are all able to feel emotions and they are all beautiful. (1)

What’s song is stuck on your mind right now?


4 thoughts on “Friday feels

    1. Thank you!
      I wonder if it’s an age thing. When you’re younger most people want to go out and party, and then when you’re older a perfect Friday is to be covered in a blanket, ordering take-away and watching a movie.


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