Thoughts on the Reimagined Sorting Hat Ceremony

*Sigh* Yes, that is exactly how I am going to start this blog post because OH MY GOD was that a HUGE disappointment or what??? Pottermore has been teasing the “Reimagined Sorting Ceremony” for over a month and what do we get? A sorting ceremony with the same questions as before but now in a more fancy wrapping. *Double sigh* WHY DO YOU DO THIS??? How did Pottermore manage to screw up so bad? Why have they become so incredibly click-baity in their content? Why not just call it for what it is? A redesign. There is nothing reimagined about it. NOTHING! The only good thing about it was that it made me make a new account so that I got to find my patronus again. Not because the questions are in any way good in that one either but because I enjoy the design and music so much (and that you get to fly around the Forbidden Forest).

Sorting Home Screen

So how do I feel about the REDESIGN of the quiz? Well, purely from a visual point of view I like it, but from a more practical standpoint I think it more confusing than before. Not because it’s hard but due to how you flip through the questions. For some reason it seems more confusing, like you don’t have a proper overview or something. Anyway, like I said, I was so immensely disappointed to find that the questions are exactly the same. I took the whole damn quiz just to be sure (and as I discovered in the Extended Sorting Hat Quiz Pottermore Wizarding World wants me to be a Hufflepuff which is cool. Claw at mind, Puff at heart, remember?)

Sorting 1

I smelled the stink of mislead from the get-go. Questions 1: River or Forest? Hm, I’ve definitely seen this one before, and it makes about as much sense as it did before. Like choosing between Black and White… Yeah.

Sorting 2

*Sigh* Like I said, I took the whole damn thing just to make sure it was the same questions but rest assured: it is! Reimagined my arse!

I really wanted to do a review of the whole thing (and by that I mean the Wizarding World app) because it seems that there are daily quotes and quizzes, but the app, of course, has so far only been released to English speaking countries (as usual) – apparently the only audience app-makers care about nowadays. Can I share a secret? It makes the rest of the world recent you! There, I said it. Am I proud of it? No. Am I tired of being overlooked? Yes! And overall: am I tired of being lied to, and waiting in anticipation for something that turns out to be shit just because the buffoons at Pottermore Wizarding World don’t know the difference between reIMAGINE and reDESIGN? YES! MORE THAN EVER!

A rather short blog post, I know, but I’ve said all I wanted to say so there’s no point in dragging it out: 



If you want to check out the new design for yourself you can take the quiz here.


Picture: Wizarding World

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THOUGHTS ON THE Reimagined Sorting Hat Ceremony

What do you think about the new design?
What do you think about the not-so-new quiz?
Leave your thoughts and comments down below.


7 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Reimagined Sorting Hat Ceremony

    1. I obviously couldn’t agree more! I get wanting to advertise this pretty new design but then why say that it like at was an entirely new quiz and get people all rallied up. They’re only losing more fans.
      Thank you for stopping by!


    1. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t know that it would be a disappointment but I thought that they had made a new quiz that was even worse than the old one. I definitely didn’t see this one coming. I don’t get why they don’t listen to the fans or think we’re stupid and want BuzzFeed type articles. Frankly, it pisses me off.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Stephanie

    I’m having trouble with my device and will need to replace it, so I was looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the topic. It was an EPIC fail for me… but mea culpa!

    Sorry, you were disappointed…and I imagine doubly so since you don’t have access to everything Wizarding World and since there is such a long wait to experience even the simplest of things for you and so many around the world.

    I must admit, I look forward to these little changes because when Pottermore was redone back in the day, it became overly simplified. It truly lost a lot of the magic and replaced it with a storage library of Potter reading. Aside for lots of interesting reads, Pottermore had little else to offer… especially in the way of magic. While it may not work for many of us Old Timers, I suspect the little bit of interactive fun will speak to the younger generations of Potter fans (and a few of the older ones as well).

    But, hopefully… the Wizarding World ‘powers that be’ will find a way to offer something magical for all fans… regardless of age and country of origin. I KNOW that is more wishful thinking… but I’m willing to see what transpires over time as they try to improve the technology and give us a more digitally interactive experience.

    BTW – Were you able to take the quiz in Selfie mode? Besides the questions being the same (which they did announce on the Wizarding World website), was there other things you noticed that were different? Did you take it on your phone? I’m not sure it’s available on the website (which will be sad for those who don’t have phones or devices to take the quiz).

    What’s the verdict on the Wizarding World’s future for you my friend?

    – Steph (the Enchantress)


    1. Thank you for commenting. I haven’t read anywhere that they have said that the questions were the same. My problem is that they’re trying to up the design but keep low quality (the questions themselves). I very much want quality over design – if I HAVE TO choose – but each their own I suppose.
      As anyone outside the English speaking countries I was forced to take it on their website as their app is not available to us. I just hope that the app isn’t a huge diappointment but never say never.

      I remember a time where we got quality articles and interactive gameplay. But now it feels like a discount site. In short: they are letting the fans down by not listening to them. So many ask for the old Pottermore back but they haven’t listened for years. I don’t blame those who have given up and left Pottermore for good.


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