Eurovision Song Contest: 2020 Favourites

Everything is different this year due to reason You-Know-What. BUT luckily all the songs got released to YouTube and they’re having a celebatory show online which I support 100%! Therefore it is with great relief that I can announce my 8 2020 Eurovision Song Contest favourites AND who I personally think should have won the entire shibang.

In my experince you can generally put Eurovision songs into one of four boxes: absolute garbage, odd one out, good but forgettable and pure greateness. How many songs are in those four different boxes varies from year to year. There are not always songs that fit into the odd one out or the pure greatness box, but it is always a sure thing that there are songs that fit into absolute garbage and good but forgettable. Note: a song categorized as the odd one out is not always bad. Sometimes it’s really good but it is usually a risky song that people will either love or hate.

A bit about my demands and expectations of a winning song: an amazing voice – not necessarily in the classic sense – and a song so great that I would want to rush to Spotify and add it to my playlist.

If you want to check out the songs I didn’t include you can go to the official website OR the Eurovision YouTube channel.

Ready to party? That was a rhetorical question. Let’s go!

1. TAKE ME AS I AM Tornike Kipiani (Georgia)

If you haven’t yet realised Eurovision is very pop! That is why I always appreciate a rock element in a Eurovision song. Especially when it’s so well executed as it is in this song.

2. FAI RUMORE Didato (Italy)

Congratulations, you made me cry! Usually I’m not a big fan of the Italian songs but this one really hit home for me. Too bad he wasn’t able to perform it on a big stage in front of a live audience. Also, thank God he decided to sing in Italian. It makes all the difference.

3. ALCOHOL YOU Roxen (Romania)

I’m in love with her voice! The song’s not too bad either. I’m kidding. The song’s so hypnotic but that’s the kind of magic we love.

4. RÉPONDEZ-MOI Gjon’s Tears (Switzerland)

An absolutely amazing song that asks very existential questions. The artist said: “Everyone asks themselves why exactly are we here, where do we come from and where are we going? These are key questions, particularly for people from a migrant background.”

5. CHAINS ON YOU Athena Manoukian (Armenia)

I think I like it because it’s so different. It kind of reminds me of Iggy Azalea. That said, it took listening to the song twice for me to add it to the list. I would probably never vote for it but it makes me want to dance.

6. TEARS GETTING SOBER Victoria (Bulgaria)

I like the dreamy quality and how innocent and pure it sounds. It doesn’t need to the whole artillery to impress.

7. VIOLENT THING Ben Dolic (Germany)

Third time listening it dawned on me that I really like this song. I’m so going to add it to my phone’s playlist. Then again, Germany is the mothership of party songs so I shouldn’t have been surprised.

8. ON FIRE The Roop (Lithuania)

Dang it Lithuania you never have good songs and then you serve us THIS in a year where there are so many good songs! *sigh* FINE, I’ll accept it – and add it to my playlist.


RELEASE ME Hoorverphonic (Belgium)

It’s sweet and I really like the classical feel. It’s a good song; not great though.

RUNNING Sandro (Cypres)

Perfect for the clubs. Not a bad song it just lacks that oomph that would make it go from good to great.

STILL BREATHING Samanta Tīna (Latvia)

Honestly, I have no idea why I like this song. I just do.

This year’s worst song award goes to: Russia. That is indeed a horrendous songs that should have been killed off during creation.

Songs I would vote for: Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Georgia


If there’s more than one song that I adore I usually ask myself one question to find out which song I would actually declare the winner: if this song won would I feel sad that another song didn’t win? It sounds simple but it’s actually pretty powerful. Disappointment is a good starting point for decision making. Using this method I have to say that even though Italy’s FAI RUMORE is making me cry I realised that there’s one song I would feel got cheated: Switzerland’s RÉPONDEZ-MOI. If Switzerland won I would honestly be extremely happy so Gjon’s Tears with RÉPONDEZ-MOI is officially my winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

I must say that I am blown away by the amazingness this year. Very rarely do we get so many good song in one go so thank you to all of the amazing artists, producers and song-writers. Your song deserves to be performed live on stage in front of a huge cheering audience. Hopefully sweet revenge on the Corona Virus will be had next year.

If you made it this far thank you for reading and listening. Stay safe.


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