Entering Autumn || Back to Hogwarts!

1st September, the first day of Autumn, AND – let’s not forget! – WE’RE GOING BACK TO HOGWARTS!harry potter hp GIF

Am I the only one who’s been going back to Hogwarts for the past 19 years? I guess the problem is that I never wanted to leave, not even to become an adult and entering the Wizarding World (although I would still quite like a job as an Unspeakable!). You cannot deny how good it would feel to jump on the Hogwarts Express, meet up with your friends after the summer holidays, change into your robes etc. and chat about this and that. Arriving at Hogsmeade and reuniting with Hogwarts beauty! Seeing all of the anxious first years getting sorted – that never gets old – hear what the Headmaster had to say and eat a well-preparated dinner before heading to your respective common rooms. Ah, life at Hogwarts begins again.

Get back to Hogwarts with this fun little Pottermore quiz: BACK TO HOGWARTS! You decide if you want to take it on easy, medium or hard – but please tag me on Twitter @Pernille_ba as I would love to see your results.



1. My Dad Wrote A Porno is back!

Only the BEST PODCAST IN THE WORLD – and my personal favourite – is back Monday 9 September with season 5 / book 5 of Belinda Blinked. I think it’s the biggest word of mouth podcast out there but I’m not sure. If you haven’t yet listened to it WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Requirements: just don’t be a prude – and be over 15 – and you should be fine. God I can’t wait!2c871c560a22e0c43f28039c17770187791f98fe


2. My Blogiversary!

30 November my little blog turns 1! Truth be told, when I started the blog I did NOT think that I would have blog posts that would last me for a year let alone several. But here I am with more drafts than published posts and I wonder if I will be writing all of them? As I’m writing this I have 69 drafts just sitting there ready to be finished. And me who thought I wouldn’t be able to find things to write about…
amanda seyfried laughing GIF


3. I WAS excited for Outlander!

But it’s been delayed until early 2020 *sigh*! I’m a huge sucker for Outlander (although I haven’t managed to get through the books) and I personally think the series is better than the books. Unconventional, I know, but that’s how I feel.



1. I want to read!

I haven’t read for months now and I think I’ve been suffering from new book fatigue (yes, it’s a thing!). I wouldn’t mind re-reading the Harry Potter series again and perhaps read Wild by Cheryl Strayed which I have been wanting to do for a very long time. I should have a lot of time just being on my own this fall so that I can make this a reality.

2. Not fall into total dispair!

What an uplifting post this has turned out to be…harry potter shrug GIF

What? I got engagaed and now my future husband is leaving the country to go home and I won’t see him for months! I’ll try to stay positive (after I’ve cried a river) and focus on getting better, writing, reading, and whatever else comes to mind to keep me occupied. Thank God for social media and modern technology!

3. Work hard!

And I will! I finally have got myself a physiotherapist who seems to know what he’s doing (I hope!) so I should see some progress. Hopefully I’ll be able to have a decent Christmas. God, I love Christmas!


I don’t know about you but if you think about it the season of Autumn isn’t so bad after all. Although is it weird that 2019 has gone so quickly (I feel as if I say that every year) I can’t wait for Christmas season, having lights in the window sills and making hot chocolate while wearing chunky sweaters.


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Entering Autumn_Back To Hogwarts

What are you looking forward to this fall?
And how much are you looking forward to Christmas?
Leave your thoughts and comments down below.



17 thoughts on “Entering Autumn || Back to Hogwarts!

  1. I have to admit the title of this post hooked me 😅 I’m also so gutted about Outlander, but cannot wait for christmas. Hopefully we don’t all ‘fall’ into despair. I see what you did there 😂 great post!


    1. poofbeegoneblog

      Congrats on your upcoming blogaversary!🎉I’m with you, I need to read more. Find myself so busy so I have to make time. Hope ur hubby’s time away passes quickly!😉


  2. Sending you love. I know it’ll be hard without your fiance in the country, but you’ve got this! It’s not forever. We’re all here for you. Despite your fiance not being in the country, I hope you have a reasonably good fall 😀


    1. Aw, thank you so much! We’ve been through this before but it still hurts. I just hope that Brexit will allow us to keep visiting each other.
      Thank you, you too with your new podcast and all.


  3. Happy Fall! Sorry that your fiancé is not going to be around- that sucks. Hopefully it goes by quickly. Fall is the perfect time to re-read the Harry Potter books. Stay strong!


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